How Can We Help You?

Does DIC accept installment payment?
Yes, we do accept installment payment.
What's the timetable for the courses?
You are more than welcomed to send us enquiry telling us the course you are interested in, and we’ll be able to send you the latest timetable.
How to visit DIC campus and kitchen?
All the prospective students are welcomed to visit our campus and kitchen upon appointment through agent or yourself.
Do you provide kit for commercial cookery students?
Yes, we provide suits, knives and safety shoes to students.
Can you provide pathway to a Bachelor's degree?
Yes, we do.
What preparation should I do to bring my family to Australia?
Generally speaking, you need to apply visa for them, find a place to settle down and enrol your child/children in childcare centre or primary school. More information to be found on: www.border.gov.au , www.mychild.gov.au , and DIC Useful Information.